We recently purchased an old 1978 Evinrude 35 hp outboard for the skiff – it pushes the boat along pretty well after replacing various gaskets, the thermostat, water deflectors, spark plugs, water pump and prop:

1978 35 hp Evinrude

The outboard tiller handle interferes with the stern – time for some stern mods!

Port side has been cut down and the starboard side is in process:

Below the stern corners have been cut down, sanded and the bare wood treated with Black Flag wood preservative:

While the stern corners are being cut down to let the motor turn easier with the tiller, a stern support will be added to make sure heavier outboards do not flex the transom. Below the support has been cut and test fit:

2" x 6" Stern Support

Here is the stern support with the first coats of primer:

Stern Support

Stern support installed:

Stern support installed

Stern support sanded and primed:

Stern support installed

Here’s the first coat of paint on the modified stern:

First coat of paint on the modified stern

Here is a shot of the newly supported stern with the second coat of paint:

painted and supported stern

Below is a photo of the skiff with the rails freshly painted in prep for the registration numbers to be applied directly to the rail:

rails painted

I made an anchor hanger to get the anchor off the deck and out of the way, hopefully we’ll try it out soon!

Anchor Hanger

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