We’re getting down to the odds and ends to install, these are a couple of pieces that I did not know where else to categorize!

Below is the false stem (cut from a treated 2″ x 4″) being test fit and temp installed with 1/4″ galvanized lag bolts. The bow eye has also been located and drilled through the false and structural bow stems:

false bow stem

Drilled a hole in a perfectly good boat… for the drain tube!

Inside view:

drain tube - inside

Outside view:

drain tube - outside

The hull numbers were applied for and received from the state of Alabama after the local Marine Police Officer came and inspected the skiff. We don’t have many engravers around here so I went to the pet store and had them make up a couple of small hull number plates to install on the boat. Per the state, one is placed in a hidden area and the other one on the starboard stern. Another hole will be drilled and the plates installed after painting is completed.

Hull ID Plate

Here is the false bow stem installed and being primed:

false bow stem installed

Below shows the motor plate installed:

motor plate installed

Motor plate complete:

motor plate complete

False bow stem complete:

false bow stem complete

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