Bow Enclosure

We’d like to make a bow enclosure to store our stuff while out in the boat. Templates will be used to help cut the correct size plywood to make the enclosure and use treated 2″ x 4″ lumber to frame it up with some of the left over plywood for the decking, flooring and aft bulkhead panel.

Below is the template for the bow deck made of out the off cuts from the chines:


Here is the template for the aft bulkhead on the bow enclosure with the 3/4″ bow deck in the background:

aft bulkhead template

This shows the 3/4″ bow deck and 1/2″ aft bulkhead panel temporarily installed (I’ll see about cutting a door in it later!):

bow enclose temp installed

Pictured are the bow deck and floor with a coat of primer:

priming decking

Here is the aft bulkhead panel and some of the 2″ x 4″ framing lumber with the first coat of primer:

priming bow bulkhead and framing

Below is the bow enclosure area on the skiff with the first coat of primer:

priming bow enclosure

Here some of the panels have been primed with the second coat:

panels primed - 2nd coat

This shows the aft bulkhead and deck panels with the first coat of paint:

panels - first top coat

The bow enclosure has been painted with the first coat of paint:

bow enclosure - first coat of paint

I got a little ahead of myself and cut the aft bulkhead panel too short (before the framing was installed) – oh well, time to get out the saw and cut a taller panel!

panel mis-match

Here is the framing with a coat of paint, sanded and ready for another coat:

framing - painted

The bow enclosure area has had a second coat of paint and the deck and false floor installed:

bow deck

Here is the bow enclosure with the aft bulkhead installed and the door mounted:

bow enclosed

Enclosure complete:

bow enclosure complete

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