Roll Over

On this beautiful Saturday morning the boat rolled over!

A furniture dolly under the stern made it easier to move out of the shop:

furniture dolly

A hand truck on the bow stem and we are in business:

hand truck

Emerging from the shop:


Rolled into the yard:

In the yard

With the aid of Cliff and Nic’s old tire, the skiff was rolled over (no pics of the actual roll over but it was pretty straight forward!):

rolled over!

Below is a view from the stern:

stern view

This shows the skiff on the trailer and wood preservative applied on some of the surfaces (we used a John Deere tractor to lift the skiff up and rolled the trailer underneath):

skiff on the trailer

The skiff is a tight fit back in the shop with the added length of the trailer:

rolled back into shop

All in all a great day!

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